Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10k Playlist - I'm doing it!

Team - Tomorrow I can check the 10k Turkey Trot in Cincinnati, Ohio off my fitness to-do list. Was it a last minute decision? Not really, but I will be doing it by myself tomorrow at 9am. I will not be taking any pictures because I do not want to carry my camera the entire race, but it will look something like this:

But...I'll be at the back of the bunch.  It's going to be a huge crowd tomorrow morning at Paul Brown stadium. Lots of iPods and running pants.  I'm #14650!

Here is my playlist for tomorrow's race.  My favorite song right now is "We Found Love" and that SHOULD be my halfway point in the race.  It's a simple way to pace myself. This playlist is 55 minutes, so I will run a 9-10 minute mile.  I like to run at a slow steady pace because Cincinnati is a city with lots of hills.

It's fun and exciting, but most importantly I cannot wait to finish! Wish you all were here to join me. Happy Thanksgiving and give me some support by writing on Jonathon's Fitness Facebook wall.

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