Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"I am scared to go to the gym!"

Team - you might say this line each and every day. "I am scared to go to the gym alone." Do not be scared of your local gym.  I'm here to tell you, you can do it! Here are 5 pointers to make your gym experience worth ever penny.

1. Don't get ripped off! Gym prices can be negotiated. Ask around to see what everyone else pays for a gym membership.  Here in Cincinnati, the local gyms start out at $79+ a month, but the average person pays around $20/month.

2. Take a look around. The first thing I do when I join a gym is find a treadmill where I can see the entire gym.  Locate the machines, free weights, extra cardio equipment, bathrooms, group fitness room, Spinning room, and free space for ab work.  Familiarizing yourself with your gym will make you feel more comfortable.

3. What are other people doing? You might also say "those machines look so complicated." If they look complicated and you're insecure about trying them, watch someone else and it will make sense.  They're all very user friendly.

4. Don't worry about the big guys! They will not think you're overweight or out of shape. They will pick up all of the heavy weights, continue their workout, concentrate on form in the mirror, and probably won't break focus.

5. Check out the group fitness schedule.  Most gyms offer free group fitness classes with a club membership.  Nothing gets better than group fitness classes! You show up to your gym, sign up for the class, and you won't have to think for an hour. The instructor will do all of the thinking for ya! And you will also get some new ideas for outside of the group fitness classroom.

5a. Jonathon's Fitness: If you still don't feel comfortable with the gym, subscribe to Jonathon's Fitness YouTube Channel so you'll get all of the best 10 minute workouts.  Or check out the Workout Section for all of your 10 Minute FREE workout videos!

Tomorrow is hump day! Make it a good one!


  1. Hi Jonathon. I just started following your blog earlier this week when I was looking at what spinning profiles instructors like to use.
    I just want to add in here that I work at a gym (not a sales pitch) and we offer a one-hour complimentary session to every member to help them familiarize themselves with the equipment.
    Whenever I give a tour, I take the time to show them every room and answer every question. I also give them a copy of our group class schedule.
    If the gym you're interested in doesn't do these things for you, ask them and if they can't or won't help you, find another gym.
    The fitness industry is very competitive right now and if the employees don't reach out to the members to make them feel welcome and comfortable, there's usually another place right down the street that will.
    No one should feel uneasy about trying to get/stay healthy!

  2. @Edie Hi Edie! Thank you for this advice. Why can't every gym employee be as good as you? :-) Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to make every person feel welcome at your gym. Your response is a great extension to my post. Also, thanks for following my site!


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