Monday, November 21, 2011

Lactose Free Supplement Review

Hi Team - If you need a lactose free supplement with some intense protein, check out this product. Nature's Best Isopure Mass is high in calories, low in sugar, and great in taste.

Here are my pros and cons on this product:

Product:  Nature's Best: Isopure Mass

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla
Size: 7.5 lbs
Servings: 20
Price: $46.00 (
Availability: Available at any nutrition retail store, but on and offline.  I used Google shopped to determine the lowest price. Be careful and shop around because some prices are very high.

Pros: Glutamine, Protein, Vitamins, Low Sugar,Minerals, Low Carb option. And truly Lactose Free!

Another awesome quality about this powder is the taste and the mixability. This power mixes easily with any coconut or soy milk.

I have also included the label so you can see all of the ingredients.

Cons: The taste with water and price (if used daily).

This is absolutely lie, do not mix it with water.  It is hard to choke down.  Find some lactose free milk and enjoy.  If you're not lactose free, try a high calorie milk and you could potentially have 900 calorie shake.

Conclusion: Although I'm not a nutritionist or expert in this field,  I am pleased with my purchase.  I enjoy the taste of my Isopure Mass shakes and hope to see gains by the end of the container. Also, I prefer this mix over Cytosport Muscle Milk because it's not as high in sugars.  Muscle milk is very sweet to taste and rich for my wallet.

Would I recommend this product to a friend?

I would recommend this product to a Lactose Free friend because it doesn't hurt your stomach.  In our lifetime, we've heard this line a lot, "we promise it will not hurt your stomach." We spend the money, get it home, and it upsets our stomach.  Nature's best does a great job of fulling through with the label, "Lactose Free."

Enjoy and let me know what supplements you use on a regular basis. Thanks!

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