Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spinning Playlist - Lots of Hills

Team - Here is a great 50 minute hilly playlist to build leg strength and endurance!

As the instructor, feel free to switch up any of the hills by performing one of three hills: 1) Seated Climb 2) Standing Climb 3) Combination of both 1 and 2. If you don't know which hill to use, please see the "comments" section of the playlist.

It's fun to mix up your spinning playlist by adding a faster song for a seated or standing climb.  I specifically put "Remember the Time" at the end of first hill sequence to give the class a little motivation.  MJ will always give the class a second wind!

Two Jump series are placed at the start and end of the routine to give the legs a break.

Check out the playlist here:

It's definitely a mashup of artists, songs, BPMs, and genres.  But that's the glory of trying to please 30 different people in a class.

And what a cool down song, huh? It's a great song! Comment and let me know what you think of the playlist.

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