Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Toyota Prius Concept Bike - Fitness of the Future

Fitness is evolving and I'm super excited! I ride outdoors at least once a week, twice if I'm lucky, plus my two indoor cycling classes a week. As soon as I saw this story, I had to share!

Toyota has teamed up with Parlee Cycles and Deeplocal to take outdoor road biking to the next level.  Toyota has built an aero-road bike similar to their Prius.  The design features intuitive thinking as your ride, need to shift up or down, just think and your bike will adjust accordingly. You control gears with your mind!

The rider and the technology associated with this bike will need training before a perfect ride.  The process starts with an iPhone application.  Once downloaded, the rider will wear a "mind reading" helmet and practice moving a cube on the iPhone. This same "neurotransmission" thought process will help the rider shift gears when he or she is on the road.

You have to see it to believe it, check out the video below from Toyota:

Wonder if they'll be able to apply this same technology to indoor cycling? Maybe even coordinate it to songs by increasing and decreasing resistance without the turn of the knob? This is going to change the entire face of cycling.

It's true - "There is an app for everything!"

This bike will be just like a favorite Pandora stations. You set up the artist or genre, use it on a daily basis and tell it what you are thinking so it will be more nimble as time goes on.

Source:  Bicycle of the Future Shifts Gears via Brain Waves

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Abs Workout - 10 minutes

Team - Your Abs workout is here.  Here are some ab exercises combined together for an awesome core workout.  How can it get better you ask? No equipment is needed for this ab workout.  Load the video and try this 10 minute workout.

Make sure to revisit the post about Planks for modifications.

Easy, right? This was on the beginner/intermediate spectrum of ab workouts. As show in the video, remember to incorporate back strengthening exercises in your core workouts.  Think entire core, not just abs!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Guacamole Recipe - Super Simple!

Here is an easy Guacamole recipe. It is so simple!  Don't pay $5+ for it at a restaurant when you can make a large portion for yourself and friends at home.  Since I fix for myself, and myself only most of the time, this recipe is fitting for one person.  Double it for a party. 

Follow these easy steps and enjoy!
Prep time: 10 minutes
Ready: in 10 minutes
Step 1:
Find your ingredients:  Salsa, Avocado, Lime, Cayenne Pepper, Knife and a Fork.

Step 2:
Carefully cut the avocado as shown in the picture below:

Step 3:
Twist the avocado

Step 4:
Dig your knife into the pit of the avocado.  Twist the knife and pull the pit out

Step 5:
Squeeze the skin off of the avocado and into a medium sized bowl:

Step 6:
1 tbsp of lime juice - helps with oxidation (turning green to brown) and taste
1 tbsp of  Thick and Chunky Salsa at your desired spicy level

Step 7: (optional)
Tap some Chayenne Pepper on top of the Guac - I like spicy food and this is the perfect touch!

Step 8:
Grab your fork and mash up the avacoados. If they are not soft, grab your knife and chop it up into smaller pieces...this will make the mashing easier. 

Step 6:
Taste it! Does it need more salsa, spice or lime juice? Add to taste, get some tortilla chips and enjoy!!

Yum! Isn't that good! And it's easy. Grab some chips and enoy.  Much better than those chips ;-)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lunge - The Correct Lunge

Hi Team - Today's exercise is a lunge.  They're a great way to target hips, quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.  Difficulty levels range from beginner to elite athlete.

Below are the precautions you should take while performing a squat:

Precaution Rules:
1. Shoulders stay down and back at all times.
2. Chin stays away from the chest - focus on a point at least 3 feet on front of you
3. Look for your front toe as you lunge forward - helps keep good form

Easy, right? Now that we got that out of the way, let's discuss the steps to complete a lunge - the correct way.

1. Stand tall - plant your feet into the ground and align your spin from hips to the top of your head
2. Step forward with one leg - keep in mind Precaution Rules #1-#3 - and dropping the back knee to the ground.  Remember, you will not want to lean forward.
3. Optional - If you're holding hand weights, try adding a bicep curl or lateral raise while dropping the knee down
4. Push off the front foot and return back to your starting position.

Complete Lunge Steps #1-#4 on the opposite leg and repeat.

In the above picture, Kelly can (1) see her front toe, (2) keeps her knee directly above her ankle, (3) shoulders stay down and back, (4) gaze looks forward, and (5) she is in the perfect position to drop the back knee to the ground.

How can you increase difficulty while performing a static lunge? Weights, walk forward, walk backwards, add a twist or add some Russian hops just like my 5 minute boot camp.

  Enjoy this exercise of the day! How did you increase the difficulty level?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kangoo Jumps Make Me Happy

Happy Wednesday Team,

It only took a few minutes for my ideas to start generating when I first saw them online.  Recently at the gym, I snapped on my Kangoo Jumps and put together a few moves for Fitness + Fun.

Check it out! If you have questions about my Kangoos, check out my Kangoo Post for all the details.

They're a lot of fun! Even more fun to run around town with them on. Stay cool and healthy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arm Workout Combination for Group Fitness Classes

Hi Team,
Today's 32 combo involves a medium set of handweights and two exercises, the bicep curl and shoulder press.

It took me years, literally years, to create an easy way to transition from arms below the shoulders to above the shoulders.  There are a lot of "hands below shoulders" exercises, such as: bicep curls, upright rows, rows, frontal/lateral raises and hammer curls. And a few more with upper body: shoulder presses, triceps or a chest press.  I use to see the frustration on peoples faces because they would think, "If I do one more bicep curl..." 

Transitions are everything in a Group Fitness class because it helps the class flow together, easy for participants to follow, and makes time fly by.  My video shows a transition I use, in a 32 count combo, to incorporate exercises above and below the shoulders:

What other exercises do you use above and below the shoulder? What other transitions are helpful in class?

Have fun and lay off the bicep curls, ha!

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25th Spinning/Cycling Playlist

Hi Team,

Happy Happy Monday!  Super excited to listen to my playlist tonight in class.  I've said it before and I'll say it until the end of is crucial in every class.  It costs money to buy these songs every week, but music drives motiviation.  This is especially true in a fitness class.

Things to note: Jumps and standing climbs are repeated in this profile.  After each climb, back off resistance so the class can jump to the beat of the song.

This profile totals 51 minutes. Feel free to break at the end of each jump.

Enjoy! Can anyone tell me what show comes to mind when you hear track #11?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Step Aerobics Workout - 10 minutes - Easy

Team - Happy Saturday! It is crazy hot outside. Hope everyone is staying cool. It is hot in Cincinnati.

If this is your first time here - Thank you for visiting my site. Starting a healthy movement is important to me and I am excited to share my ideas with the digital world. 

Jonathon's Fitness, just like Group fitness classes, will not be frustrating or hard, my workouts will always be easy, fun and energizing.

With that said, welcome to Step Aerobics 101 with Jonathon's Fitness.

Here is your 10 minute Step Aerobics Workout.  This is an actual workout! Grab your step, risers, clear some space in your house and break a sweat...for free. 

Below are the details to the step choreography.

This Step Combo: (4, 32 count blocks)

4x R Basic
4x R V Step
4x Turn Step (start with right lead)
4x Knees to the corners (starting with right knee)

*I Step (right lead) exit back
*I Step exit front
Shuffle Right
2x Jacks (move back)
Shuffle Left
2x Jacks (in place)

Repeat from 1st and 2nd block with Left Lead

*Up on the bench, jack - step down and jack

My goal with this site is to educate group fitness instructors and inspire some people at home to have some fun. How was it the step class, was it fun? Didn't get something? Click the "replay" button and try it again.

P.S. I realized yesterday that Jonathon's Fitness has been up for over a month. Whoa! And some of you probably noticed my site is now, if not, update your bookmarks!

Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Drill/Modification of the Day - Jump Squat

Team - my Kangoo high have decreased from yesterday. They had me crazy excited.

If you ever attend my classes, you would see this drill often. For example, last night in my Triple Threat class (20 minutes of Cardio/Toning/Stretch and Core) we had a leg toning portion and I decided to finish up with this awesome drill and encouraged the class to pick their difficulty level. After using the body bar for lunges, this finishing touch was a nice challenge.

This exercise will combine muscular endurance, strength and cardio all in one! The best part, plenty of options for everyones fitness level.  Here we is all about the Squat or Jump Squat.

If desired, grab a step bench, chair (about knee level - as shown below), or nothing at all:

1. Stand tall (if you have it) with the char/step bench directly behind you

2. Next, shift your weight to the heels of your feet. Keeping the chest, head, neck and shoulders up while sitting back into your squat.

3. As soon as your bottom touches the seat, immediately stand up to starting position #1

4. To increase the difficulty, after the squat is performed, aggressively stand up and add a small hop off the ground.  Toes should land first and absorb though the legs without making a noise.

Repeat steps #1-#3/#4 for approximately 30 secs, break and repeat.

Have lots of energy and about 11 minutes? Try this bootcamp video that takes 5 exercises, including the Squat/Squat Jump, and combines them in a boot camp style class.

Have fun! It's very warm outside here in Cincinnati.  Make sure to drink lots of fluids and take care of your body.

Did you get your heart rate up and "feel the burn?"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kangoo Jumps Review - They're Here

Team - Tomorrow's post will be back to it's regularly scheduled program.  As for today, I couldn't help it! I wanted to share with you some AWESOME news.  THEY'RE HERE! Kangoo Kangoo Kangoo Jumps!

As mentioned in my post last Wednesday, it took me a while to justify this purchase, but I'm stoked to Kangoo and keep everyone updated on the latest fitness trends. As soon as I unwrapped the package and put the boots on, I had a few reactions...

Initial Kangoo Jumps Review:
  1. Easy to use.  I was able to stand, run, and jump within seconds
  2. Engages your core more than I expected
  3. Fit to size
  4. Makes me very tall!
A coworker convinced me to put them on and bounce around for a few moments. Here is a quick picture of me in the office.

What do you all think? Giant, yes. Fun, yes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bootcamp Exercise - The Burpee

Today's drill is called a burpee.  Also known as a Squat Thrust, this exercise combines cardio and strength training in one movement.  

The burpee can be performed ANYWHERE! On a run, stop and do a few!  You can also fit this class in almost any cardio or toning class.  Here are a few variations of a burpee

8 Count Burpee for 32 count combo - Complete 4 cycles

1.  Stand tall and reach the hands to the ceiling

2. Squat down and place hands on the ground. (counts 1-2)

3. Remember to modify, walk or jump your feet back to the full plank position. Hands directly below shoulders and weight pushing back to the heels of your feet, core stays nice and tight (counts 3-4)

4. Jump or walk the feet back in to the squat position. (counts 5-6)

5. And finally, stand back up. (counts 7-8) Just like the starting position.

Complete this cycle 4x for your 32 count bootcamp combo.  Always keep moving and try the below modification to increase you heartrate.

Moutain climber Burpee

1. Stand tall and reach the hands to the ceiling
2. Squat down and place hands on the ground. (counts 1-2)
3. Walk or jump your feet back to the full plank position. (counts 3-4)
4. Bring each knee to your elbow as shown in the pictures below - continue these movements for 30 seconds (or each knee is a count, 5-10, both feet back 11 and 12)

start by pulling one knee to your elbow and...
...immediately switch
5. Once you have completed 30 seconds (or less), jump or walk the feet in (13-14)
6. Finally, end in the standing position (counts 15-16)

Complete this cycle 4x and you will have your 32 count combo.

Tuck Jump Burpee

Still not enough? Try this! Add a tuck jump to your standing post - knees come to elbows.

This exercise has an endless amount of modifications, have fun with it! Just remind your class to keep moving and, if necessary, march in place to bring the HR down. 

What other modifications could we do to this exercise?  Adding a pushup in your full plank position? Leap foward in your tuck jump instead of a vertical jump? Let me know how you burpee.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Playlist of the week - Cycling or a Spinning Class

Here it is team! This is a fun playlist because it's a class for everyone.  

To spice things up, I put Nicki Minaj first in the lineup to get the team excited about the next 46 minutes. 

Some things to note:
  • #3 - 30 second intervals, resistance at level 5 and you are out of the saddle for a break and in the saddle for a fast flat.
  • #5 - jumps on a hills - 20 seconds in and 20 seconds out of the saddle - keep these jumps slow, cadence will remain the same
  • #6 - same hill format with higher cadence
  • #7 - jumps at 32 count combos - try up/down for 8 and 4 counts - let the group explore jumps on their own - encourage them to silently count
  • #8 - let the team rest the first minute then go into sprints

Playlists should always stay clean and fun - it's not always what you like, it's "what will they like."  Add a variety of artists to your playlist so everyone can enjoy it.  I try to throw a few old, new, and "who" songs in there.  Personally, if people can sing every song in my class, they might not as be focused on the HR levels as they should be.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Workout - Cardio Blasts!

Hi Team - Here it is, your 10 minute Saturday Workout!  This requires no equipment, just time.  Take few minutes before the video to warm up and a few minutes afterwards to cool down.  This workout takes cardio exercises, combines them together for an awesome workout!

You'll notice that I put it together in a 32 count black format. 

Here's what you'll see:
  • Jump Rope
  • Jump Rope (right/left)
  • Jump Rope (front/back)
  • Lunge forward (with or without pulses)
  • High Knees
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jumping Jacks (in for two out for two, add the squat)
  • Skier (this was featured in Thursdays post)
Try each for 8 and 16 counts and add it all up (just like the video) for a 32 count combo.

You'll notice that I tap my head in the video.  This motion will signal "from the top" of the routine.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Skier Drill for Cardio Class

Team - your drill/exercise for today is called a Skier. Familiarize yourself with this move because we'll use this tomorrow for our Saturday workout. Use this for a cardio boosting break or an interval class.

Low Impact:

  1. One foot touches back while front foot is planted on the ground with both arms in the air
  2. Bring arms down and the back leg comes in
  3. Switch legs (touch the other toe back) and bring your arms up
Keep in mind this is a lower option, you are stepping each toe back while hands are moving.

Continue this motion for one minute - challenge yourself and try the high impact movement below.

High Impact:

  1. Start with one arm in front and opposite leg to the back
  2. Both feet are touching while they are on the ground
  3. Jump and switch positions - hands switch as well
Keep in mind that with this high impact option, your feel are either on the ground of in the air. As soon as the feet touch, switch the movement and the hands.

Repeat this motion for a minute - as fast or as slow as possible.

Try combining this for a 32 count combo template for class:

Skier Combo:

8x - counts 1-16 - switch legs at high impact option
4x - counts 17-32 - switch legs (hold for two counts - and switch
8x - counts 1-16 - jumping jacks out and in
4x - counts 15-32 - jumping jacks (out for two and in for two)

8x - counts 1-16 - switch legs at high impact option
4x - counts 17-32 - switch legs (hold for two counts - and switch
8x - counts 1-16 - jumping jacks out and in
4x - counts 15-32 - jumping jacks (out for two and in for two)

It's fun, it's easy, and it's exhausting!  Look for your Saturday workout tomorrow afternoon featuring this exercise.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bicep Curl - the correct way!

Team - Let's talk about a standard exercise when it comes to a basic workout routine: a bicep curl.  I will also talk through a few pointers on the correct way to target the bicep brachii muscle. (we might even hit the brachoradialis, the brachialis and maybe the deltoid in the shoulder)

It can be simple and easy, but there are a few precautions we will want to take both in and out of the class setting. This biceps curl explanation will be performed with the palms supinated (facing upwards).

Set the stage: Grab a medium set of hand weights for this explanation and "while keeping a light grip on your hand weights - not like you're riding a roller coaster - let your shoulders rest down and back and lock your elbows on each side of your your torso."

Now stand tall and plant your feet to the ground, about shoulder width apart. Hips stay up and under to align with the rest of your body.  As shown on the left picture below, if your back is arching (bottom and belly stick out) stagger your stance and tuck your hips up and under - still imagine yourself standing tall with complete body alignment.

Left: incorrect Right: correct posture
Still having trouble? Keep those palms pointed outward and instead of letting your elbows rest on your side, place them against the wall and perform your bicep curl. Keep a soft bend in your elbow at all times, never fully extend the arm.

Wall assisted bicep curl
Top things to remember when performing a bicep curl:
  • "Don't swing your weights - always in control"
  • "Shoulder down and back and elbows stay in one place - stand tall"
  • "Stagger your stance if your back is arching"
  • "Light grip on the weights"
  • "Breathe!"
Try doing this on the wall and have a seat. Wallsits!  This will engage your legs while you're working on this awesome arm exercise.  What are some other simple exercises you use in the gym? Can you combine them with a leg exercise too? Let me know!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kangoo Review - I just ordered mine!


How can you combine strength training, some endurance, cardio, and flexibility in one exercise? 

Try Kangoo, I did and I loved it! I put them on at a fitness conference and I finally took the step to order my own pair.

Q:  What are Kangoo Jumps?

A:  Kangoo is a type of "rebound exercise." They look exactly like a a roller blade shoe, except with two half moon shaped springs underneath, instead of wheels. The spring on the bottom acts as a cushion to help take pressure off of your ankles, knees, hips and back during running or exercise.


Q:  Which pair should I get?

A: informed me that I had 3 different options:

Model: XR series (the model I picked)
Spring: Standard IPS
Age: Adults and/or Teens
Weight:  At least 70 lbs
Cost: Starts at $229.00 USD

Model: The Pro series
Spring: Harder IPS.
Age: Adults
Weight: Heavy weight individuals and/or extreme athletes 
Cost: Starts at $299.00 USD

Model: The PowerShoe series
Spring:  Softer IPS
Age: Pre-teens and teens, weight range about
Weight:  40lbs to 120lbs
Cost:  Start at $179.00 USD

Coupon Code:  I used the official Kangoo Jump Promo Code afi9571
Savings: 7% - equals out to be free shipping

This is what they'll look like

 Why I am excited:

I absolutely love working out, exercising, sweating, pushing my body to new limits and helping others reach their goals. I will, however, be the first to admit...on occasion, it's hard to take that first step (usually off the couch) to exercise.  We're all fine once we make it to the gym or a class, but getting there is the hard part!

This is why I purchased a pair of Kangoo Jumps.  I want to mix up my workouts even more.  Each boot is 2.5lbs, so this will be perfect for running to the park and stoping for some bicycle crunchs, leg lifts and push ups with knees.

You'll hopefully be seeing some Kangoo videos soon.  I encourage you to find something new to mix up your workouts.  Don't worry about a big purchase! Don't forget small essentials like a jump rope, pilates block, foam roller, TRX suspension bands, heavier weights or resistance bands. 

Let me know what you got and some fun new exercises.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cardio Kickboxing Cardio Combo

Team - Cardio kickboxing is an awesome way to burn a major amount of calories! Kickboxing drills can be incorporated in almost every type of class.  I personally throw them in a lot of my classes to show people (1) how much fun it is and (2) how easy it is. 

This combo of the day was briefly featured in Saturdays workout.  This combo is very simple and will be a nice break from the choreography the participants learn in class. 

Combo: (cut the # down each time this combo is performed)
4x Jumping Jacks
4x Right Jabs (toward the front of the room)
4x Jumping Jacks
4x Left Jabs (toward the front of the room)

2x Jumping Jacks
2x Right Jabs (toward the front of the room)
2x Jumping Jacks
2x Left Jabs (toward the front of the room)

1x Jumping Jack
1x Right Jab (toward the front of the room)
1x Jumping Jack
1x Left Jab (toward the front of the room)

Replace the Right/Left Jabs with Kicks and see the final product below:

 Now you're a pro! If you missed it, check out my Saturday morning workout.  Just think, you already know almost half of the routine.

Kill it with some cardio kickboxing today! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Spinning/Cycling Playlist - 50 minutes of Pure R&B

Hi Team,

Here is your playlist for the week.  So excited to start tonight's class with Snoop Doggy Dogg.  

The main portion of the class repeats two elements, a hill and fast flat. We flip flop from leg strength to leg endurance.   Although repeated, the resistance on the fast flats will gradually increase throughout the ride. I based this off my rides around Cincinnati. One minute you're going up a hill and before you know it, you're back on the flat road. It's fun and thrilling! Ha!

Please note that all of the levels are in parentheses below, i.e. (5). Before each fast flat and/or after a seated/standing hill, the class can take a break and grab a drink. 

What types of music do you like in class? Random? Or all one genre?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 Minute Kickboxing for Beginners

Team - It's Saturday! The best day of the week. We get to enjoy the weekend AND get a new workout to add to our fitness repertoire. Now...let's put the posts this week to the test.  Here is a 10 minute cardio kickboxing workout. Although this is a cardio workout for beginners, take each skill "up to the next level" and max out the cardio.

In this simple combo we perform jabs, jumping jacks, front and side kicks.

Remember to warm up and have a great time! Enjoy!

Not enough? Try a couple rounds of the 5 Minute Bootcamp Challenge right after your cardio kick class.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cardio Kickboxing Heart Rate Booster

Team - Keeping with the cardio kickboxing theme of the week, today I'm going to explain a simple way to spice up a kickboxing class. 

There are different ways to format a cardio kickboxing class. My cardio kick classes are usually as follows:

  1. Warm up 
  2. Choreography
  3. Interval work/drills - Try adding this endurance drill to the mix as well
  4. Choreography
  5. Abs
  6. Cool down
Prep the class for this drill:  "Imagine meeting your enemy/worst nightmare/attacker in a kickboxing match and our goal is victory!"  This instantly gets the entire class engaged.  You'll see some eyes light up because this is their time to release all of the frustrations from the last couple weeks (maybe months). Let them know that we're going to take a few moves and "win this war."

Spice it up: Take these moves and rotate them to increase heart rates and get the class moving:
  • Uppercuts - Add jumping jacks (shoulders can stay in one place, as shown in video)
  • Jabs - "Get high get low" (shown in video)
  • Hooks - "Aim for the mid section"
  • Speed bag - "Up for 2, down for 2" - "Upper right/left" - Reverse direction of hands and repeat

From this Heart Rate Booster - take them RIGHT back to choreography just like the combo we learned from earlier this week.

This makes every class so fun! What is your favorite part of your workout? Cardio/Strength Training/Abs or everything, share it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to: Perform a proper side kick in Cardio Kickboxing

Team - I first started teaching kickboxing about 5 years ago at EKU. (GO COLONELS!) Soon realized that teaching is just like riding a bike, once you get a hang of it and you feel comfortable with what's going on around's smooth sailing.

Jabs, crosses, hooks, spped bags, uppers, front/back/hitch/roundhouse kicks and all combinations were never hard to teach, but side kicks were always difficult for me. About two years ago in a class, the creative juices were flowing and it just clicked, you only have to say a few things for EVERYONE to understand a side kick.

Today I will explaining the proper execution of a side kick.  A side kick can be used in Cardio Kickboxing, "Butts and Guts" and/or any cardio class.

Start with taps to the side and slowly bring the knee up to the side and follow the instructions below:

  • Foot on the ground is pointed toward the corner of the room (not forward)
  • Bring the leg up like you're a dog peeing on a fire hydrant - heel comes to bottom
  • Upper body leans away from the kick, but look where you're kicking
  • Drive through the heel of your foot while keeping a soft bend in the knee on the ground

Remember this! We'll have a "test" on Saturday a.k.a. your Saturday Workout. 

What skills do you have problems with in class? It doesn't have to be cardio kick, could be any class.

Let me know! Thanks!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Wednesday Motivator - Stay Active

Team - 
My motivation this week are my "healthy" friendships. A good friendship is stronger then any muscle in my body. They can break or tear, but when they repair, they become stronger than ever.

Here are a couple examples of fitness helping enrich my friendships:

Dana and I completed a 10k and had the best time! Couldn't run and talk about life during the race, but finishing the race with her and seeing that big smile was worth it.  We share a passion for exercising and this activity was the perfect thing for us. We can say when we get older, "remember that race." My heart lights up to know I can only share this memory with her.

With Dana at the finish line
Below is a picture from the Cinciditarod.  It’s named after the Alaskan Iditarod – 1,100-mile dog-sledding race – but instead of dogs, we used people, and instead of sleds, we had shopping carts. We started downtown at Fountain Square and continued a 10k scavenger hunt for a local food bank around Cincinnati. Team "Ghostbusters" finished 11th and it was awesome!

With Sara, Jenny, Jeff, and Megan
Visit and see what you and your friends can accomplish.  Active is an online community for people who want to participate in activities in and around your community. This doesn't mean just a race!  They host the world's largest directory of sports and recreational activities, facilities, venues and classes, which includes more than 66,000 races, leagues, tournaments, camps and other recreational listings in over 80 sports and 5,000 cities.

What do you have planned soon with your friends? Did you walk the dog with a neighbor last week? Do it again this week. Something big or small, share it!

Source: and

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Kickboxing Combo - Welcome Home!

Team - As mentioned in the video, I was heading to the gym to film this short video and realized there was no need for a gym, my small studio apartment downtown was the perfect size (moved some furniture, docked my iPod and the best part, I didn't have to waste gas).  This is a beginner level self reversing Jonathon Combo.

A lot of sites have choreography, but it's sometimes hard to figure out what it means because every person might call out or instruct differently. This was the main purpose for my blog, a group/home fitness sharing database

32 Count - Jonathon Combo: (Remember - you and/or the class is warmed up)
2x Jab R (1-4)
2x Duck Back (5-8)

2x Jab R (1-4)
2x Duck Back (5-8)

Quick Jab-Jab (1-2)
Cross (3-4)
Two Knees (5-8)

Jab up and down R (1-4)
Jab up and down L (5-8)

Repeat L side

What is your favorite combo you have seen or used in class? Share it with everyone and if there are questions, I'll demonstrate it in an upcoming video.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Spinning/Cycling Playlist - Happy 4th!


Today's playlist was influenced by the holiday. Happy 4th everyone! Katy Perry and Kelis help us bring this holiday to life.  Although my classes are cancelled today, my class will appreciate this playlist next week.

This playlist has three elements repeated.  I will repeat jumps, a fast flat, and a hill (both seated and standing).  This format is great for a beginner class because the first round they will get use to the resistance and they can comfortably enjoy the second round.

Resistance Overload: at the start of the song, I will have the class add resistance to 6-7 and stand up out of the saddle.  The entire class will remain standing until the last minute of this song. At :60 remaining, encourage the class to "have a seat and keep your cadence" or "sit down and keep the speed at which the pedals are turning." Resistance can slightly decrease once song finishes and have them stand up and prep for jumps.

What other songs could we incorporate in a holiday class?

Go Team Go!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

All About Arms - Saturday Workout

Team - here it is! I'm so excited to post my second Saturday Workout. The blog has not been up long, but I have had a wonderful response.  Thanks to you for keeping me motivated. 

I recommend a medium set of hand weights for the today's workout (5-8lbs).  This video is high repetitions and low weight.  You'll notice we start with no weight and quickly transition to your hand weights!

It's a holiday weekend, but take ten minutes out of your busy day and try this arm workout.  If you have about 35 minutes, try this:

  1. Warm up (5-8 minutes)
  2. 5 Minute Boot Camp (6 minutes)
  3. My Ultimate Leg Challenge (10 minutes)
  4. All About Arms (10 minutes)
  5. Cool Down (5-8 minutes)

    What else did you add to your workout today? Need other ideas? Let me know. I would love to help and learn new ideas.

    Now off to the market to get this weeks produce.

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    Gymnastic Abs

    Team - take my V-Sit post from yesterday and try this Gymnastic influenced abs combo in the gym or a class.  This is only a portion of my class.  Extend each movement and this could be 20 minutes of core work.

    Keeping your core strong is essential.  What other moves did you add to this combination in the gym or class?

    Happy July 4th Weekend!
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