Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kangoo Review - I just ordered mine!


How can you combine strength training, some endurance, cardio, and flexibility in one exercise? 

Try Kangoo, I did and I loved it! I put them on at a fitness conference and I finally took the step to order my own pair.

Q:  What are Kangoo Jumps?

A:  Kangoo is a type of "rebound exercise." They look exactly like a a roller blade shoe, except with two half moon shaped springs underneath, instead of wheels. The spring on the bottom acts as a cushion to help take pressure off of your ankles, knees, hips and back during running or exercise.


Q:  Which pair should I get?

A: informed me that I had 3 different options:

Model: XR series (the model I picked)
Spring: Standard IPS
Age: Adults and/or Teens
Weight:  At least 70 lbs
Cost: Starts at $229.00 USD

Model: The Pro series
Spring: Harder IPS.
Age: Adults
Weight: Heavy weight individuals and/or extreme athletes 
Cost: Starts at $299.00 USD

Model: The PowerShoe series
Spring:  Softer IPS
Age: Pre-teens and teens, weight range about
Weight:  40lbs to 120lbs
Cost:  Start at $179.00 USD

Coupon Code:  I used the official Kangoo Jump Promo Code afi9571
Savings: 7% - equals out to be free shipping

This is what they'll look like

 Why I am excited:

I absolutely love working out, exercising, sweating, pushing my body to new limits and helping others reach their goals. I will, however, be the first to admit...on occasion, it's hard to take that first step (usually off the couch) to exercise.  We're all fine once we make it to the gym or a class, but getting there is the hard part!

This is why I purchased a pair of Kangoo Jumps.  I want to mix up my workouts even more.  Each boot is 2.5lbs, so this will be perfect for running to the park and stoping for some bicycle crunchs, leg lifts and push ups with knees.

You'll hopefully be seeing some Kangoo videos soon.  I encourage you to find something new to mix up your workouts.  Don't worry about a big purchase! Don't forget small essentials like a jump rope, pilates block, foam roller, TRX suspension bands, heavier weights or resistance bands. 

Let me know what you got and some fun new exercises.

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