Monday, July 4, 2011

Spinning/Cycling Playlist - Happy 4th!


Today's playlist was influenced by the holiday. Happy 4th everyone! Katy Perry and Kelis help us bring this holiday to life.  Although my classes are cancelled today, my class will appreciate this playlist next week.

This playlist has three elements repeated.  I will repeat jumps, a fast flat, and a hill (both seated and standing).  This format is great for a beginner class because the first round they will get use to the resistance and they can comfortably enjoy the second round.

Resistance Overload: at the start of the song, I will have the class add resistance to 6-7 and stand up out of the saddle.  The entire class will remain standing until the last minute of this song. At :60 remaining, encourage the class to "have a seat and keep your cadence" or "sit down and keep the speed at which the pedals are turning." Resistance can slightly decrease once song finishes and have them stand up and prep for jumps.

What other songs could we incorporate in a holiday class?

Go Team Go!


  1. Hello! Found your blog through the Group Fitness Instrucor page on Facebook. I teach spinning, cardio sculpt and bootcamp. Great ideas. I used 4th of July (fireworks) by Kelis in my 4th of July class alsol. :-)

  2. @Valencia Hi Valencia - Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! It's always fun to throw a themed song on a playlist. Another good one is "end of the road" by Boys2Men for a cool down. Ha! Look forward to hearing from you more...


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