Friday, July 29, 2011

Guacamole Recipe - Super Simple!

Here is an easy Guacamole recipe. It is so simple!  Don't pay $5+ for it at a restaurant when you can make a large portion for yourself and friends at home.  Since I fix for myself, and myself only most of the time, this recipe is fitting for one person.  Double it for a party. 

Follow these easy steps and enjoy!
Prep time: 10 minutes
Ready: in 10 minutes
Step 1:
Find your ingredients:  Salsa, Avocado, Lime, Cayenne Pepper, Knife and a Fork.

Step 2:
Carefully cut the avocado as shown in the picture below:

Step 3:
Twist the avocado

Step 4:
Dig your knife into the pit of the avocado.  Twist the knife and pull the pit out

Step 5:
Squeeze the skin off of the avocado and into a medium sized bowl:

Step 6:
1 tbsp of lime juice - helps with oxidation (turning green to brown) and taste
1 tbsp of  Thick and Chunky Salsa at your desired spicy level

Step 7: (optional)
Tap some Chayenne Pepper on top of the Guac - I like spicy food and this is the perfect touch!

Step 8:
Grab your fork and mash up the avacoados. If they are not soft, grab your knife and chop it up into smaller pieces...this will make the mashing easier. 

Step 6:
Taste it! Does it need more salsa, spice or lime juice? Add to taste, get some tortilla chips and enjoy!!

Yum! Isn't that good! And it's easy. Grab some chips and enoy.  Much better than those chips ;-)

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