Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kangoo Jumps Review - They're Here

Team - Tomorrow's post will be back to it's regularly scheduled program.  As for today, I couldn't help it! I wanted to share with you some AWESOME news.  THEY'RE HERE! Kangoo Kangoo Kangoo Jumps!

As mentioned in my post last Wednesday, it took me a while to justify this purchase, but I'm stoked to Kangoo and keep everyone updated on the latest fitness trends. As soon as I unwrapped the package and put the boots on, I had a few reactions...

Initial Kangoo Jumps Review:
  1. Easy to use.  I was able to stand, run, and jump within seconds
  2. Engages your core more than I expected
  3. Fit to size
  4. Makes me very tall!
A coworker convinced me to put them on and bounce around for a few moments. Here is a quick picture of me in the office.

What do you all think? Giant, yes. Fun, yes!

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