Saturday, July 23, 2011

Step Aerobics Workout - 10 minutes - Easy

Team - Happy Saturday! It is crazy hot outside. Hope everyone is staying cool. It is hot in Cincinnati.

If this is your first time here - Thank you for visiting my site. Starting a healthy movement is important to me and I am excited to share my ideas with the digital world. 

Jonathon's Fitness, just like Group fitness classes, will not be frustrating or hard, my workouts will always be easy, fun and energizing.

With that said, welcome to Step Aerobics 101 with Jonathon's Fitness.

Here is your 10 minute Step Aerobics Workout.  This is an actual workout! Grab your step, risers, clear some space in your house and break a sweat...for free. 

Below are the details to the step choreography.

This Step Combo: (4, 32 count blocks)

4x R Basic
4x R V Step
4x Turn Step (start with right lead)
4x Knees to the corners (starting with right knee)

*I Step (right lead) exit back
*I Step exit front
Shuffle Right
2x Jacks (move back)
Shuffle Left
2x Jacks (in place)

Repeat from 1st and 2nd block with Left Lead

*Up on the bench, jack - step down and jack

My goal with this site is to educate group fitness instructors and inspire some people at home to have some fun. How was it the step class, was it fun? Didn't get something? Click the "replay" button and try it again.

P.S. I realized yesterday that Jonathon's Fitness has been up for over a month. Whoa! And some of you probably noticed my site is now, if not, update your bookmarks!

Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday.

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