Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bicep Curl - the correct way!

Team - Let's talk about a standard exercise when it comes to a basic workout routine: a bicep curl.  I will also talk through a few pointers on the correct way to target the bicep brachii muscle. (we might even hit the brachoradialis, the brachialis and maybe the deltoid in the shoulder)

It can be simple and easy, but there are a few precautions we will want to take both in and out of the class setting. This biceps curl explanation will be performed with the palms supinated (facing upwards).

Set the stage: Grab a medium set of hand weights for this explanation and "while keeping a light grip on your hand weights - not like you're riding a roller coaster - let your shoulders rest down and back and lock your elbows on each side of your your torso."

Now stand tall and plant your feet to the ground, about shoulder width apart. Hips stay up and under to align with the rest of your body.  As shown on the left picture below, if your back is arching (bottom and belly stick out) stagger your stance and tuck your hips up and under - still imagine yourself standing tall with complete body alignment.

Left: incorrect Right: correct posture
Still having trouble? Keep those palms pointed outward and instead of letting your elbows rest on your side, place them against the wall and perform your bicep curl. Keep a soft bend in your elbow at all times, never fully extend the arm.

Wall assisted bicep curl
Top things to remember when performing a bicep curl:
  • "Don't swing your weights - always in control"
  • "Shoulder down and back and elbows stay in one place - stand tall"
  • "Stagger your stance if your back is arching"
  • "Light grip on the weights"
  • "Breathe!"
Try doing this on the wall and have a seat. Wallsits!  This will engage your legs while you're working on this awesome arm exercise.  What are some other simple exercises you use in the gym? Can you combine them with a leg exercise too? Let me know!


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