Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to: Perform a proper side kick in Cardio Kickboxing

Team - I first started teaching kickboxing about 5 years ago at EKU. (GO COLONELS!) Soon realized that teaching is just like riding a bike, once you get a hang of it and you feel comfortable with what's going on around's smooth sailing.

Jabs, crosses, hooks, spped bags, uppers, front/back/hitch/roundhouse kicks and all combinations were never hard to teach, but side kicks were always difficult for me. About two years ago in a class, the creative juices were flowing and it just clicked, you only have to say a few things for EVERYONE to understand a side kick.

Today I will explaining the proper execution of a side kick.  A side kick can be used in Cardio Kickboxing, "Butts and Guts" and/or any cardio class.

Start with taps to the side and slowly bring the knee up to the side and follow the instructions below:

  • Foot on the ground is pointed toward the corner of the room (not forward)
  • Bring the leg up like you're a dog peeing on a fire hydrant - heel comes to bottom
  • Upper body leans away from the kick, but look where you're kicking
  • Drive through the heel of your foot while keeping a soft bend in the knee on the ground

Remember this! We'll have a "test" on Saturday a.k.a. your Saturday Workout. 

What skills do you have problems with in class? It doesn't have to be cardio kick, could be any class.

Let me know! Thanks!

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