Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arm Workout Combination for Group Fitness Classes

Hi Team,
Today's 32 combo involves a medium set of handweights and two exercises, the bicep curl and shoulder press.

It took me years, literally years, to create an easy way to transition from arms below the shoulders to above the shoulders.  There are a lot of "hands below shoulders" exercises, such as: bicep curls, upright rows, rows, frontal/lateral raises and hammer curls. And a few more with upper body: shoulder presses, triceps or a chest press.  I use to see the frustration on peoples faces because they would think, "If I do one more bicep curl..." 

Transitions are everything in a Group Fitness class because it helps the class flow together, easy for participants to follow, and makes time fly by.  My video shows a transition I use, in a 32 count combo, to incorporate exercises above and below the shoulders:

What other exercises do you use above and below the shoulder? What other transitions are helpful in class?

Have fun and lay off the bicep curls, ha!


  1. Can't agree with you more, transition makes a class flow and go by faster. I am also in the process of becoming an AFAA certified group instructor and creating smooth transitions for Zumba classes can be a little challenging when you are trying to implement new, fresh moves beyond the grapevine or step-touch. Love the arm workout, I definitely need it.

  2. @Chacha Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback. Transitions tell a lot about a class. Let me know how you transition in Zumba. Also, good luck on your AFAA Certification.


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