Monday, July 18, 2011

Playlist of the week - Cycling or a Spinning Class

Here it is team! This is a fun playlist because it's a class for everyone.  

To spice things up, I put Nicki Minaj first in the lineup to get the team excited about the next 46 minutes. 

Some things to note:
  • #3 - 30 second intervals, resistance at level 5 and you are out of the saddle for a break and in the saddle for a fast flat.
  • #5 - jumps on a hills - 20 seconds in and 20 seconds out of the saddle - keep these jumps slow, cadence will remain the same
  • #6 - same hill format with higher cadence
  • #7 - jumps at 32 count combos - try up/down for 8 and 4 counts - let the group explore jumps on their own - encourage them to silently count
  • #8 - let the team rest the first minute then go into sprints

Playlists should always stay clean and fun - it's not always what you like, it's "what will they like."  Add a variety of artists to your playlist so everyone can enjoy it.  I try to throw a few old, new, and "who" songs in there.  Personally, if people can sing every song in my class, they might not as be focused on the HR levels as they should be.


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