Friday, July 22, 2011

Drill/Modification of the Day - Jump Squat

Team - my Kangoo high have decreased from yesterday. They had me crazy excited.

If you ever attend my classes, you would see this drill often. For example, last night in my Triple Threat class (20 minutes of Cardio/Toning/Stretch and Core) we had a leg toning portion and I decided to finish up with this awesome drill and encouraged the class to pick their difficulty level. After using the body bar for lunges, this finishing touch was a nice challenge.

This exercise will combine muscular endurance, strength and cardio all in one! The best part, plenty of options for everyones fitness level.  Here we is all about the Squat or Jump Squat.

If desired, grab a step bench, chair (about knee level - as shown below), or nothing at all:

1. Stand tall (if you have it) with the char/step bench directly behind you

2. Next, shift your weight to the heels of your feet. Keeping the chest, head, neck and shoulders up while sitting back into your squat.

3. As soon as your bottom touches the seat, immediately stand up to starting position #1

4. To increase the difficulty, after the squat is performed, aggressively stand up and add a small hop off the ground.  Toes should land first and absorb though the legs without making a noise.

Repeat steps #1-#3/#4 for approximately 30 secs, break and repeat.

Have lots of energy and about 11 minutes? Try this bootcamp video that takes 5 exercises, including the Squat/Squat Jump, and combines them in a boot camp style class.

Have fun! It's very warm outside here in Cincinnati.  Make sure to drink lots of fluids and take care of your body.

Did you get your heart rate up and "feel the burn?"

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