Saturday, July 2, 2011

All About Arms - Saturday Workout

Team - here it is! I'm so excited to post my second Saturday Workout. The blog has not been up long, but I have had a wonderful response.  Thanks to you for keeping me motivated. 

I recommend a medium set of hand weights for the today's workout (5-8lbs).  This video is high repetitions and low weight.  You'll notice we start with no weight and quickly transition to your hand weights!

It's a holiday weekend, but take ten minutes out of your busy day and try this arm workout.  If you have about 35 minutes, try this:

  1. Warm up (5-8 minutes)
  2. 5 Minute Boot Camp (6 minutes)
  3. My Ultimate Leg Challenge (10 minutes)
  4. All About Arms (10 minutes)
  5. Cool Down (5-8 minutes)

    What else did you add to your workout today? Need other ideas? Let me know. I would love to help and learn new ideas.

    Now off to the market to get this weeks produce.

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