Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ultimate Leg Challenge - No Weights Needed!


Are you ready? : - ) This is my 10 minute leg challenge for your Saturday morning.  This starts with a three minute warm up and finishes with a two minute cool down. Feel free to march in place for a minute or two and stretch before and after this video.

As it states, no weights necessary! All you need is good form on your squats and lunges

Squats - Cue: "Bottom pushes back like you're sitting in a chair, no pressure should be in your knees, shoulders down and back, keep breathing - the lower you get, the harder it is"
Lunges - Cue: "One leg will step forward, one knee over the ankle - not the toe, hands on hips"

Did you survive? Go stretch, grab something to drink and enjoy the wonderful day.

If you want more, pair this leg challenge with my 5 Minute Bootcamp!


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