Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cycling/Spinning Playlist

My First Blog! Below you'll find a 50 minute playlist for a Cycling/Spinning Class.

Some things to note: 
  • Introduce Resistance - I cue everyone to find their "Level 4" or "bottom of the hill" - this helps everyone start on the same level - "Right Turn takes you up the hill and Left Turn takes you to no resistance"
  • RPMs - Revolutions per minute.  Here's an easy way to count RPMs - Ask your class to count the right knee, on the up or down stroke. Take a 6 second count of the knees and multiply it by 10.  For Example: 6 Second Count, 9 Right Knees X 10 = 90 RPMs - If it's more "add resistance" and less means "takes some resistance off"
  • Standing Climb - Cue "elbows in," "weight in the pedals," and "butt over your seat"
  • Seated Climb - Cue "complete circles," and "breathe!

Let me know what you think!

Thanks Team!

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