Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Step Combo - Easy 32 count block

Hi Team -

Here is an simple 32 count self-reversing block I use during a step or cardio class. Four moves and you're done!

My combo video - I show the combo in two 32 count blocks:


R Turnstep
L Turnstep
R Turnstep
Over the bench
Repeater Knee
Over the bench
2 Jacks

*Repeat, staring with L Turnstep

Try using this combo in conjunction with Bootcamp Drill.

By far, Step is my favorite class to teach.  Step was a huge craze in the early 90s and although the craze has died down, let's not forget the awesome workout you can achieve from just stepping up on the bench.  You can take a simple routine (as shown above) increase tempo or intensity (add knees or Star Jumps) and burn those calories away!


  1. I work at a gym where people still LOVE step. I teach a cardio (hi-lo) sculpt class and Step looks like a lot of fun, but quite intimidating. Fun moves. You make it look easy!

  2. @Valencia Thanks Valencia! Step is a great workout. Teaching step can be difficult, but like anything, the more you teach...the better you get. What's your favorite hi-lo combo? I love new ideas!


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