Thursday, June 30, 2011

V-Sit City Limits

Team - My two classes tonight were great! Had an abs class to start the night and finished with an intense sports conditioning class - a.k.a Triple Threat. The star of the night was the step (bench and two risers) and don't you worry, the Split Basics made an appearance.

The core (Abs Express) class was quick, but difficult.  Modifications in a core class are crucial because it is extremely easy to injure the lower back.  A standard move in my core class is the V-Sit.  I will always share/education/encourage the participants to "pick their level" and "listen to their bodies."  The majority of the class will do what the teacher is showing in front. With all of this said, remember to show all of the variations below:

Level 1: The farther you lean back, the more you will engage your abs - "Arms are extended, palms by your knees, shoulders down in back"

Level 2: Same instructions, but the picture below shows an increase in intensity - "everything stays in line - 'V' from knees to bottom to shoulders, lift the feet off the floor and keep the shins even with the arms"

Level 3: Same exact thing, but "straighten out the legs."

Your Break: "Hands behind the bottom and give your core and break"

Experiment with your arms and put them out to the side of you or overhead - it's fun!

Hold these movements for short periods of time and mix it up with arm and leg movements.  Tomorrow you will see how I effectively use this in a class setting.  Very excited about that Gymnastics Abs video.

Thanks guys and good luck!

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