Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plank It out

Planks are great to use on your own or in a class. Here is a level for EVERY participant.  Remember, always present your class with ALL options and make them think about a straight line ("tight core") from shoulders to knees/feet:

Level 1: Cue "on knees" "core tight" "elbows directly below shoulders"

Level 1.5:  One knee down takes some weight off the core - Cue: "modified plank with a knee bent" -"switch knees throughout the plank"

Level 2: Cue "core tight knees off the ground and push through the heels, elbows directly below shoulders"

Level 3: Full Plank - Cue: "hands directly blow shoulders" "tight tight core" and "feel free to take it down a level if you are fatigued"

Remember to relax the shoulders, never let the waist drop and have fun with it. This exercises engages your entire core!

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