Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stability Ball Fitness

Hi Team,

Picking the right Stability Ball is crucial for a fitness class or the gym.  Here is an easy way to grab a stability ball and see if it's a good fit for your height.

  • Find a well inflated stability ball and have a seat on top
  • Legs should be at 90* angle on the ball
    • Cue: "Legs even with hips and knees over ankles"
    • Bottom should not be higher or sink lower than your knees

Here is one of many exercises you can do with your stability ball:
  • Grab the stability ball and place it behind you - in the middle of your back, directly below the shoulder blades
  • Take a small step forward
  • "Toes point forward and shoulders stay down and back - hands can relax on the hips"
  • Slowly lower your hips into a squat position
  • Hips are even with knees and "we can still see our toes"
  • Stand up back up the starting position
  • Add weights if you want for intensity
Good luck and have fun with your stability ball!

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