Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why I love my job...

Hi Team - I could talk for hours about my love for teaching group fitness classes.  I enjoy the different fitness elements that go into every class, the choreography, the fact that I get paid to work out, and the control of having everyone in the room mimic your every move for a perfect workout. Those things are great, but the one reason I continue to teach group fitness is to feed my obsession of blurring the lines of fitness a fun.

My classes are fun! My classes creative! And most importantly, my classes are challenging! With that said, some people love my classes and some people prefer other instructors and class formats. 

The people that love my classes usually come back to see me on a regular basis and seeing those familiar faces on a regular basis makes an instructor feel good. They also secretly push us to be more challenging and innovative every single class. 

They make me happy.  I love to see them smile when I say, "let's grab that step and do some cardio."  I like to see them laugh when I mess up or say something wrong.  And I especially love the feedback they share at the end of class.

The last month of teach was challenging for me. To say it lightly, my job is going through a restructure and I had a death in the family. Circumstances like these make it hard to be energetic and positive for a couple hours four or five days out of the week. I was not looking forward to teaching my evening classes until they walked up...my two favorite girls in my Thursday night class.

They instantly walked right up and made me forget about my bad day. In over 7 years of teaching classes, these girls were the first to give me a gift. They handed me a halloween basket!

Gatorade, water bottle, apple, banana, candy corn, and the "GREAT" ribbon.  This basket made me forget about work, my family, and gave me a HUGE burst a energy!

This post is a huge thank you to all of my visitors.  If you come to my classes or you just visit my site. With everything I have, thank you.  Feel free to comment below and leave any feedback or comments. I appreciate it all!

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