Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 minute Brazilian Butt Workout

Team - Kickboxing was great tonight! How was your day? Hopefully you had great weather and had a chance to exercise outside. Exercising outside is very exhilarating!

Tonight in class I decided to focus on the butt! It's fun to throw in a couple hip flexer exercises in a group fitness class because we hardly ever work just our hip flexers.

Try this at home! It's a 5 minute Brazilian Butt workout:

Prep yourself: Grab a mat and place the hands directly below shoulders, knees directly below hips.

1.  One Minute Side Kick - Pick one side and raise the knee up and add the kick out to the side.

2.  Side Kick, opposite leg - Perform the same kick with the other leg for 1 Minute

3.  Kick backs - Aim for the upper corner of the room and push through the heel of your foot

4.  One Leg Side Kick to Back Kick - Focus on one leg, take it out to the side for a kick, bring the knee down and push it back for a back kick.

5.  One Leg Side Kick to Back Kick  - opposite leg - Knee up, kick, then kick it back!

Five minutes and you're done! It's an awesome workout to throw in Kickboxing or execute between commercials. 


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