Sunday, October 9, 2011

Printable Workout Routine

Team - Trying to mix up your weekend workout today.  A lot of us have iPhones or PDAs that will let us view YouTube anytime, any place.  And some of us still have old school phones with only text messaging.  Today's printable workout will challenge you and help you keep track of your progress over 5 weeks.

Click the image or PDF link below, print it out and stick it in your gym bag or use it at home!
or click here for the original PDF

Details for each exercise are as follows:
1.  Prison Squat: Finger tips behind the head, not laced, all of the weight on the heels of your feet.

Starting Position:

Squat down and then return to starting position:

2.  Push ups - feel free to modify this excercise by lowering the knees.

Starting position: hands directly below the shoulders

Elbows out to the side or toward the heels (close to the body) and return to starting position

3.  Lunge - step forward with the front knee over the ankle and switch legs

Push off the front foot and back to a standing position and switch legs

4.  Tabletop dips

Starting position:  hands directly below shoulders, fingers pointing toward your toes and feet on the ground.

Push the elbows back - working the triceps - and push back up to the starting position

5.  My favorite! Reverse planks to V-sit

Starting Position:  Fingers point toward toes, hands to your sides and legs are straight out in front.

Push up to a reverse plank

Bottom to the ground and bring both legs up to a V-sit

Return to reverse plank and repeat

These same 5 exercises will be repeated for a total of 10 exercises and 10 full minutes. 

10 minutes! That's it! Set the timer and go to town.  Don't cheat and put on your favorite music.

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