Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Blog - Jonathon's Fitness

Team - It's been four months since my first post on Jonathon's Fitness. Today's post will be #102.  My blog has also evolved since that first post.  Jonathon's Fitness was initially started for Group Fitness Instructors.  I was only going to post Group Fitness ideas, combinations, playlists and patterns on here for the world to see.   Then I thought about all of the students that say, "I will be out of town the next two weeks, I wish I could take you with me." Which ultimately motivated me to post my weekly workouts. And recently I've wanted to share how fitness impacts my life...outside of the Group Fitness Room.

Wow! That's a lot of content for me to post, so now Jonathon's Fitness is for:

  1. My Group Fitness Instructors - check out my 32 count combos
  2. My friends at home that use my 10 Minute Workouts
  3. Active people that need some help on healthy meals or snacks
  4. People who know how to work out, but need a little motivation
  5. Didn't see what you want, email me and tell me!

My passion for fitness is out of this world! I absolutely love exercising and I want my blog to appeal to everyone that stumbles onto it.

Many of you will probably notice, but I will be changing my blog schedule.  I will be posting 3-4x a week now, taking out a weekday and prepping more for your weekend workout.

Now it's your turn:

Why do you come to my site? Is it ideas for home, class, the recipes or all of the above? Comment and let me know.  To stay up to date on everything make sure to "like" my facebook, Jonathon's Fitness.


  1. Hey Jonathon! Too bad this is the first time i stumbled upon your blog. Being a fitness trainer i am sure that you have ideas on how to be fit even with a heart condition right? Can you share them with me? I would rally appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. @Marc Azada Great question! Always make sure a participant with a heart condition checks ALL physical activity with their doctor. Just like any fitness participant, encourage them to exercise at their own pace and rest when it’s needed. They will need to stay hydrated and ease back into their workout program. Avoid heavy lifting or vigorous activity.


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