Friday, October 14, 2011

Healthy Halloween Treats

Team - Try this Healthy Halloween treat this year for your kids or a Halloween Party with your friends or family.  It's simple and actually looks really cool!

I remember getting a huge bag of candy every year for Halloween.  Although it was great, but just like any food, it's really only good in moderation.  Try substituting these Homemade Severed Witches Fingers for some candy this year.

1.  Grab your indrediants:

Baby Carrots
Peanut Butter
Red Bell Pepper

2.  Lay out your baby carrots and wedge a few lines to make the distal and proximal joints.

3.  First, cut up the bell pepper and clean the seeds out of the wall.  Cut the wall into lines and then form into nails.  Long or short, it doesn't matter, be creative!

4. Put your peanut butter on the end of the baby carrot, just like nail glue.

5.  Finally, put the nails on the fingers, stand back and realize you just made witches fingers!

It cannot get easier than that! Eat plain or add a dip.  Please comment if you have a good dip recipe.

Happy Halloween and my 100th post everyone!

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