Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Best Fitness Resources

Hi Team - There are health and fitness resources everywhere.  Online, in paper, videos and even blogs, smirk.  The question I get asked a lot is, "Where are the best fitness resources?" I have a few "Go-To" places when I need some new ideas for my workouts or group classes.

Here are my top fitness resources:

  1. YouTube - Enough said, right? Great videos for new ideas.  Check out My YouTube Channel
  2. Attend other classes or pay close attention to others in your gym - Over 7 years ago when I first began teaching group classes, I would travel all over central Kentucky to attend group classes.  It was a good way to get new ideas and figure out exactly how I wanted to teach my group classes. Don't forget to write them all down or keep a workout log. 
  3. Magazines - I am obsessed with reading health and fitness magazines! They have the best ideas and it's easy to incorporate all of their ideas in a group class. (Shape, fitness, Mens Health, Bicycling, Shape and even Yoga magazine)

Not only do they have good ideas, they have great explanations for performing the more advanced exercises. Here's a great example, today I was reading this Bicyling magazine and it had a great tip for cyclists.  "If you knee hurts in the front, raise your saddle; if your knee hurts in the back, lower your seat." Avid spinners know this, but it was simple and a great reminder.

Here is a sample of what would catch my eye if I was glancing through a magazine:

Mountain Climbers! The Best! Self magazine tells you exactly what to do.  "Get in plank position with hands aligned under shoulders and legs extended. Bring right foot toward the right hand" and switch. No matter if you're beginner or seasoned professional, take 10 minutes a couple times a month and look for new ways to spice up your workout.  Mix it up to keep it fun and exciting!

Where do you find the best workout tips? Comment and Share

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