Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bootcamp Workout

Team - A bootcamp style class is my favorite class to teach. Regular group classes are fun too, but bootcamp style classes are great because I am able to say "go at your own pace" and "challenge yourself." For example, if I say "go" and you have a minute to do as many repetitions as possible of one exercise, the only thing holding you back is you!  It's a fun aspect of class because I get to see everyone work hard! Overall, it makes me feel good to hear people say "good class," when in all reality, they made it a good class.

I have 3 Bootcamp classes a week and I usually follow a simple "minute madness" routine for each class.  This keeps it simple and effective. And no complaints so far!

Try this workout at home too!  This is how I fill 50-60 minutes of class:

Bootcamp Workout (Minutes: Details)

1-8:  Warm up - march in place, step touch, ham curls (arms moving with legs)
9-13:  Bring HRs up - jumping jacks, jump rope, lunges, squats
14-18:  HIIT - High Intense Interval Training - suicides, burpees, mountain climbers, box jumps, extreme jacks, squat jumps
19-50:  "Minute Madness" with medium size hand weights

Use the exercises below in a pyramid scheme.  Perform exercise 1 for a minute, then take a minute break.  Do exercise 1, 2, then take a minute break.  Do exercise 1, 2, 3, then take a minute break.  Continue this pattern to exercise #7 - perform each exercise for a minute and rest as needed.

  1. Side Squats - hand weights are at an isolated bicep curl (elbows locked to your sides engaging biceps)
  2. Close grip Shoulder Press - palms face in by chin, elbows point forward, press up
  3. One Arm Extended Lunge - Right arm extended overhead, left leg will lunge - after 30 seconds switch (L arm extended, R leg lunges)
  4. Squat with Row - feet together and squat down, weight in heels, hold squat and focus on pulling elbows up, head looks three feet in front of the body
  5. Push up with Side Plank - weights on the ground, push up right to side plank
  6. Plank
  7. Jack-knife Sit up - lay flat on your back sit up to opposite hand touches toe or both hands toes toes 

50-60:  Cool down

This is an awesome workout! I did this in my Saturday classes right before my Weekend Workout and I'm still feeling it today!

Try this bootcamp workout and give me your feedback.  I hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing Labor Day.

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