Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Push up Bootcamp Drill

Team - Happy Tuesday!  It definitely feels like a push up kind of day.  I tried this bootcamp push up drill last week in my class and they not only loved it, but they liked the challenge as well.  You can use this drill at home or in a group class. It's simple and only takes 10 minutes to complete.  Here's what you'll need:

30 Second Push up Challenge

Who: A competition against yourself (30 seconds of Push ups followed by 20 seconds of rest)
What: You will write down the number of push ups performed on your 20 second break and your topwatch should not stop.
Where: Here is the Push up Drill Template if you do not want to recreate it
Why: Stay within 3 push ups from Set 1 to Set 10 for a great workout.  (i.e. Set 1 I performed 28 push ups. Set 10 I should work hard to perform between 25-31 push ups)
How: Hands directly below shoulders (modified: hips tucked and knees on the ground)
I cut individual strips for everyone in my boot camp class last week.  Do the same or just track your progress.  Below is the format each patron received when they walked in my class:

As mentioned above, just click here to find my Push up Drill Template if you want to use mine.

Now tell me, how'd you do?

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