Friday, September 30, 2011

Fruit Salad with Honey

Hi Team - Happy Friday! It has been a busy week.  I've been here, there and everywhere. (everywhere was my favorite)

It's finally cooling down here in Cincinnati and I've decided that the weather change means I have to exercise more to stay warm. I know the winter tradition is to pack on the pounds, but today's simple and easy recipe will do everything but that!

1.  Gather your ingredients:

A Banana
Black Raspberries
An Apple
Natural Honey (Thanks Dad!)

But as usual, feel free add or take away your favorite fruits.

2.  Add the black raspberries to your bowl

3.  Slice an apple and put along the sides

4.  Grab the banana and slice it up - place them in the middle

5.  Add the raspberries and get out the honey - the honey gives it a nice sweet touch

6.  Yum! Add 2 tablespoons of honey (or more) and enjoy!

If you're substituting fruits, make sure it's a fruit for a fruit.  I intentionally did not include a dip for this recipe because most of them are unhealthy.  Honey is a natural sweetener, this is a healthy choice substitution in place of any dip that would compliment a bowl of fruit.

It's a journey; it's about taking one step at a time to reach your goals.

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