Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Workout at Home - It's easy!

Team - I had to come home today for multiple family reasons.  My family lives in Peebles, Ohio.  Most of you will not be familiar with Peebles becuase it's a small village in Southern Ohio.  We have lots of pizza shops, churches, hair salons and gas stations. We only have a couple stop lights and NO gyms. 

The gym situation did not stop me!  I took a look around my parent's home and came up with a game plan.  It was raining so I couldn't run outside. My workout stayed on our covered porch and consisted of jumping rope (cardio), tricep dips (upper body) and squat jumps (lower body).

I needed a 30 minute total body workout.  I did not have a stop watch and I did not want to watch my wristwatch so I took my Great Workout Playlist, from yesterday's post, and did each exercise station for an entire song. For example, I jumped rope for an entire song and I moved to the next station when the song finished.

Here are some highlights:

Station 1:  Jump Squats - I loved having a shorter song like "Bottle Pop" by PCD

 Station 2: Jump rope - I mixed it up a little bit by adding some moves from my Jump Rope Workout

Station 3: Dips - this was difficult - I turned over sometimes and did a Plank

Look at my Mom's Flowers! How do you workout at home? The only equipement you needed for this was a jump rope and I've gotta say, it was a great workout!

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