Friday, September 23, 2011

Making a Substitution

Team - Sometimes you have to change the pace of life and make a substitution. I am the first one to admit, I do not like when my schedule changes.  Keeping my life on a schedule makes me happy.  I like to wake up at the same time, go to bed the same time, teach the same number of classes and have the same diet. (my grocery store is always the same too!)

Instructors:  Recently, I've had the chance to sub a Cardio Kickboxing class for a friend. It is challenging to find the time before class to choregraphy a group of combinations, but this substitution job has ignited a flame again!  Cardio Kickboxing is an amazing workout.  Each week that class catches on faster, my combos get quicker, I get a heck of a workout and the moves just flow from one to the next with ease. It's such an amazing feeling when the entire class is doing the entire routine without any trouble.

I cannot wait to incorporate some of this inspiration in some of my other classes. Here is a 10 minute workout featuring Cardio Kickboxing:

Home Exercisers:  Try the workout above!  I recently had a hallway discussion with a co-worker about her morning workouts and diet. By default, I am the go-to person at work for anything diet and exercise related because I will always be as excited as the person giving me the health and fitness updates.  She explained to me that she made a substitution and it has helped her move in the right direction to achieve her goal weight.   

Her substitution was a V8 Fruit Fusion instead of her regular morning Coke. Within three weeks of her substitution, she was seeing a difference. Here is a quick breakdown of the differences: 

The above scenario shows the subsitutition. She is substituting her daily diet could (12 oz) for about the same of amount of V8 Fruit VFusion. Here's what she's not consuming:
  • Calories: 52/day, 364/week, 1456/month, 17,472/year
  • Sugar:  21.2/day, 148.4/week, 593/month, 7,132/year
Just from not drinking a can of coke a morning! And with a little math, I realized that drinking a can of coke is equivalent to consuming 15 pounds of sugar a year.

I am not a registered dietition, but a simple subsitution can make a huge impact on your life and health!  Maybe it's not the coke, but maybe it's the stairs or that extra glass of wine.

I challenge you to find ways to substitute something to be healthier.  Substitute a phone call with a friend with a walk down the street or treat yourself only on the weekend with that sweet tea from McDonalds instead of everyday after work.

Here's your challenge; set goals and achieve them! Now, tell me, what is one substitution you will make to become healthier?

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