Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Life This Week

Team - What a crazy fitness week! I hope everyone is living life to the fullest. Teaching fitness classes is a fun and exciting career.  I enjoy encouraging groups to reach their fitness goals and communicating with groups of people on a daily basis. And something new happens almost every single time I teach a class.  My week was as follows:

  • Monday:  Spin and Abs (1.5 hours)
  • Tuesday: Kickboxing, Abs, Yoga (2.5 hours)
  • Wednesday: Bootcamp (1 hour)
  • Thursday: Triple threat (cardio, toning, abs), abs and Spin (2.5 hours)
Can you believe I have two more classes on Saturday morning and your weekend workout? Me either!

Tonights triple threat class was structured a lot like your Weekend Workout with Gliders a couple weeks ago - I will be feeling that in the morning! 

A few thoughts were being thrown around in my head on my way home from my classes tonight: dinner, tomorrow's recipe post (that will be amazing) and my after dinner snack.  Smart snacking is the key to staying healthy, especially if you're active.  

Between classes, my daytime job, friends, family and my social life, sometimes it feels like there is no time to sit down and eat healthy.  And when I am ready to eat, usually I want to reach for something quick and easy.  Think about this the next time you're snacking or looking for something quick and easy, with a half of cup of this snack, you'll get 11g out of your 46g-63g of proteins.  Here is a power snack to never forget about: Edamame

This bean is from China and has been an Asian favorite for centuries.  Japen first developed this vegetable-type soybean in the 13th century cooking and serving them in the pod.  And somehow it has found it's way to Cincinnati, OH in 2011.  Here are a few quick facts on why you should try this snack:
  1. $1.49 for a large pack and it tastes just like a restaurant
  2. A natural source of antioxidants - help prevent negative effects of free radicals in your body
  3. Also contain isoflavones - may help reduce prostate and breast cancer, high blood pressure and diminish the risk of heart attacks (just to name a few)
  4. Is about 36% protein
  5. A natural source of Vitamin E - also contains Vitamins A and B
  6. Edamame also possess anti-inflammatory agents and can help problems with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions
Sprinkle a little sea salt on top - follow the directions and enjoy - a great snack to catch up on the DVR with!

Source: The Health Benefits of Edamame

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