Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick and Easy Ways to Stay Healthy

Team, Happy Thursday!  I'm doing everything I can to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  It's still warm during the day, but the nights drop down to extra low temps and we all know what that means - fall is near.  With that said, I wanted to share with you a fun "My Life and Fitness" story.  Even if a situation can not be related to physical fitness, I will find a way to walk a few extra steps.  It's true, every little bit helps!

My childhood friend was having a celebration at a pub beside my daytime job, Empower MediaMarketing.  I stayed late at work to congratulate her but I quickly realized I needed a bite to eat. With numerous restaurants within 10 feet of my job, I decided to walk to a burger joint down the hill.  Unfortunately and fortunately, Cincinnati is a very hilly city and I work on a largest hill in the downtown area.

I accelerated my walking trip by doing a few walking exercises on my journey down the hill.  My walking exercises consisted of walking calve raises (staying on the toes or the ball of your foot), speed walking, side stepping and walking backward (only did this going up the hill). This also helped me burn a few more calories.

My total trip from start to finish was 1.2 miles and this mileage did not include elevation on the giant hill.  As I was placing my order (for a burger, *smile), I realized what made the trip a success.  I was able to enjoy a wonderful view of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  The below picture was my exact view from the table.

I saved gas (by walking), burned extra calories (with the 1.2 mile trip) and the best part was enjoying the view of Cincinnati.  I encourage you to not cut corners with your help and try and find "that view."  Take the extra steps and see what you'll find.  You could find something much better than "the view." I said it once and I'll say it again, every little bit helps!

Here are some quick and easy ways to get healthy:

  1. At halftime, walk around the field if your son or daughter is playing a soccer, baseball or football.
  2. At the mall, park on the opposite side so you're forced to walk across the mall to your favorite store.
  3. Don't sit at your desk and send emails all day, try to get up and talk to the person face to face (if you have a few minutes).
  4. Take the stairs at least once a day.  Try to stay off anything mechanical (i.e. elevators, moving sidewalks, escalators)
  5. Park in the back of the lot - don't complain, it'll only take an extra 40 seconds
  6. Pick your favorite show and do a variety of exercises during the commercial break.
  7. My favorite: Dance! Turn some music on while you're doing dishes and break it down!

 What other simple and easy things can we do to stay healthy?

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