Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back-Strengthening Exercises

Hi Team - Here is a simple way to work your back with no equipment.  First, take a second and think about your core.  Your core encompasses a lot of muscles.  Your rectus abdonimis, external obliques, internal obliques, tranversus abdonmis and most importantly...your back.  All of these muscles make up your core; the core is the combination of your stomach and lower back.

Here is a core workout/combination I use in class on a regular basis that can help strengthen the back and the core:

Core Workout:
  • 20 seconds:  Superman - lay face down, raise up the legs and arms to balance on your belly button - head looks at the ground

  • 20 seconds:  Plank on Forearms (see my plank post for modifications)

  • 20 seconds: Full Plank (see my plank post for modifications)

  • 30 second V-Sit Hold (see my V-Sit post for modifications)

  • 30 second break
Now repeat these exercises for a total of 5 minutes (1 minute for back exercises and 30 second V-Site and rest).
You can also put this into a 32 count combo for class.  Here is the 32 count combo breakdown:

1-8: 2x Superman (up/down counts as 1 count)
9-16: Hold modified plank
1-8: Push up to full plank
9-16: Knees come down, legs cross and sit back to V-sit

Check out this Weekend Workout featuring Abs for more ideas for class or try this at home!  This video is a free group fitness class! Let's call it Abs Lab with Jonathon's Fitness

Let me know if you have any questions!

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