Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boot Camp Weekend Workout

Team - You've asked for it, so here is your Boot Camp Weekend Workout! You probably remember my 5 Minute Boot Camp from the beginning of my blog.  If not, check it out!

As I've mentioned several times, working out and teaching group classes is my passion.  If you cannot go to the gym on a regular basis or just want new fitness ideas, my blog is designed for you - my Weekend Workouts are "free" group fitness classes.

This Weekend Workout takes basic exercises to the next level.  My philosophy for this workout was (1) lower body work, (2) upper body work, (3) then a combination of the too to fatigue the muscles. And it is finished up with some ab work to top it off.  These are not hard movements, these are simple exercises combined to give you an awesome Weekend Workout.

What You'll Need

Free space to move around
Hand weights - 3-5lbs are always recommended, but not necessary
Mat - for ab work

Exercises You'll See: (1 minute each exercise)

Lunges (lower)
Check fly/variation of a shoulder press (upper)
Lunges with a chest fly and a variation of the shoulder press (combo)

Squats (lower)
Bicep curls (upper)
Holding a squat with a preacher curl (combo)

Crunches (upper)
Center Knees (lower)
Bicycle crunches (combo)


Thanks again for your patience! What'd you think? Let me know what you think about this 10 Minute Boot Camp Workout!

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