Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dumbbell Shoulder Press - Correct Form

Team - The dumbbell shoulder press will be performed in most toning classes.  As always, the correct form on performing a shoulder press, also known as a military press, is crucial for your workout.

The primary muscles we engage while performing a shoulder press are the deltoids, triceps and core.

Your shoulder is separated into 3 sections. The anterior, medial and posterior. The majority of the shoulder press will engage the medial (middle) and anterior (front) deltoids.

Another muscle heavily involved is the tricep brachii.  As I learned 6 years ago during my AFAA Group Fitness Certification, this exercise would involve tricep extension.  The tricep, along with the deltoids, help us push the dumbbell away from our shoulders.

An important area we sometimes forget in all standing or seated exercise is our core.  Our core helps us stand and sit.  And the core acts as a stabilizer when we take the dumbbell above our shoulders.

Take these steps to properly perform a shoulder press:

1.  Plant your feet into the ground, shoulder width apart.  Stagger your stance if your back is arching.
2.  Weights come above your head ALWAYS in sight.  The weights should be slightly in font of the shoulders, never behind the head. 

3. Slowly use the delts and triceps to push the dumbbells up.  Keep a soft bend in the elbows the entire time.  Keeping the sight forward, you can still see the dumbbells.

4.  Bring the weights down to the original position and repeat.

Use this exercise in your workout!  Try this 32 count arm exercise below:

Add this combo to your workout and let me know how it goes!


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