Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boot camp drill for Group Fitness Class - Jonathon's Combo

Team - Today's combo is perfect for any boot camp style class.  My combo combines three exercies and a sprint (jog/walk for a modification) for high intensity training.  Feel free to use cones or any kind of marker in class to seperate the class into thirds.  Now, pick three exercises.  Before the class starts, go over each exercise with the class.

For example, here are my exercises :
1. Butt Kicks - jogging with heels coming toward your bottom
2. High Knees - knees pull up toward the chest, but chest does not fall
3. Lunges - front knee of the ankle, not the toe, dropping the back knee down to the ground
4. Sprints - can be a jog/walk

Next, prep the class.  Let them know your expectations. "We will continue this cycle for three minutes.  In three minutes, I expect at least 10 cycles.  If you reach 10, challenge yourself and try 15."

Cleary point out each marker.  "You will bring your knees up here, lunge here..." and etc.
Although you cannot tell by looking at the picture, there is about 20-30 feet between each point.
Make sure you give them updates. "You're 1 minute in....2 minutes in....30 seconds left..." Hear rates will be racing at the end of three minutes so the class will need to keep moving.

Try this same exercise at the park with friends.  Pick three bushes/light posts, three exercises and start your timer on your iPhone.  It's fun and super easy!

What exercises would you use? I love new ideas, please comment and share!

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