Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jumping Jack Explanation

Team - Today's exercise explanation features the ultimate plyometric exercise, the Jumping Jack! Jumping jacks are a great cardiovascular exercise with several modifications. I will always stress modifications.  Modifications help us in the gym and help the instructors teach an effective group fitness class.  It's important to exercise, but it's also just as important to exercise at your own level.

The heart rate will increase during this featured exercise and the hips and shoulders will be continuously working.  Emphasized in my AFAA Primary Goup Fitness Certification, we will be engaging our hip/shoulder's abductor and adductors during a jumping jack.  Hip flexion and extension as well.

Executing a Jumping jack: 

1.  Start with your feet together, soft bend in the knees and hands down by your waist.  (Always start with your low options, then gradually move up.)

2. Half Jack - Both arms go up to shoulder heigth and one leg (toes) will tap to each side.  Immediately after the tap come back to the standing position and repeat on the other side.  (Usually counts 1-4)

3.  Full Jack - Next, if your body or team is ready, take it up to a full Jumping Jack.  Start in the standing position and jump both legs out to the side (straddling and saggital plane) and immediately jump back to the starting position. (Usually counts 1-4 or together, 5-8)

Jumping jacks get old though, right? No worries! Spice up your Jumping Jack Workout by incorporating the below exercises. The below video also has some 32 count combos.


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