Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Step Aerobics Choreography with breakdown

Hi Team - Your 32 count combo of the day is here and it is fun!  In the video below, I show the blocks at a beginner level and then increase the difficulty. (options are in italics below

My favorite move is the Pendulum in this routine.  It's fun and looks cool too! (looks even better when 20 people are doing it with you in class)

Here ya go!

Two 32 count combos - 2 blocks:

R Split Basic (1-8)
R, Turn Step (9-12) - Switch taps
Repeater Knee (13-20) - Skier on top of bench
R, L-Step (21-28)
1x Corner Knee (29-32

3x R Basics Traveling down the bench (1-12) - Taps
R, L-Step (13-16) - Pendulum
Across the bench (17-20)
Finish L-Step (21-24)
Flamingo, R lead, (25-32)

This step routine is simple, easy, and fun.  Try adding my Intense Interval Drill in the middle of your class.  This will be nice break from choreography, but an awesome way to keep HRs up!

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