Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Step Aerobics Warm up Combo

Team - Here is the perfect Step Aerobics Warm up combination.  Sometimes in a step aerobics class you'll have beginner and advanced steppers.  How can you tell? Try this simple 32 count combo for your group fitness class and just look around the room.  Some will follow and some will lead.  If you have leaders, have fun and take your class to an advanced level and if you have followers, be sure to include them throughout the entire step aerobics workout.

32 Count Combo Step Aerobics - Warm up
2x R Basic
2x L Basic
2x R V-Step
2x L V-Step

4x R/L Turn step
4x Corner Knees

Take it up! Run instead of basics, add a tap on the turn steps and knees turn into kicks!


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