Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gliding Discs Workout - Gliders

Team - Here is your weekend workout, featuring Gliding Discs (or the Gliders).  The Gliding Discs can help you create a unique workout.  As mentioned in the video, these Gliding Discs just slide across the floor so feel free to use paper or plastic plates (for carpet) or a couple hand/face towels (for hardwood floors). It's the exact same thing! Also, if you don't feel comfortable using the Gliding Discs, do the below workout with me without them. 

This workout will increase your heart rate and engage the legs and hip flexors.  We have endless options with the gliders.  Maybe you'll see a upper body toning video from me in the near future. Comment and let me know your favorite Gliding Disc exercise.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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