Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tricep Dips - Featured Exercise

Team - Today's featured exercise is the Tricep Dip.  This exercise will strengthen and build the tricep.  This seated dip targets your shoulders, chest and your triceps.  

The tricep brachii has three parts; long, lateral, and short head.  This functional exercise can be performed just about anywhere. 

Here are the correct steps to perform a seated tricep dip:

1.  Sit tall on a stable ledge (can be a bench in a group fitness class)

2.  Walk the bottom out a few inches from the ledge while keeping your fingers pointed toward the toes:

3. Dip the bottom down.  Send your elbows back and push up through your palms to the starting position.


Increasing Difficulty:
Walk the feet out - the farther the heels are away from your bottom, the more difficult the tricep dip.

Even more difficulty, raise up one leg dip the bottom down and push up through the palms to end in the original position.


Try this exercise in a group class with a step aerobics bench.  Take it down/up for four counts and down/up for 2 to make a perfect 32 count combo.

What a great exercise!  Tell me what you think!

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