Saturday, August 13, 2011

Medicine Ball Workout - 10 Minutes

Team - This weeks workout features a Medicine Ball.  This Medicine Ball Workout is at the easy to moderate level.  Lots of difficulty options are available in this 10 minute routine.

Adding a medicine ball to your workout is a different and fun way to engage the upper body and lower body.  If, at any time in this workout, this medicine ball becomes too heavy and you cannot keep up to the beat...just put it down and do the same motions with your arms.

Now grab that medicine ball that you got for Christmas three years ago and enjoy the workout:

Pretty easy, huh? Your hear rate was probably at least 75% of your max. That's awesome! If you missed a move or just want to try it again, hit "replay."

Medicine Ball Workout
Taps to side - ball opposite
Heels forward - med ball chest press
High Knees - med ball shoulder press
Jump Rope - med ball overhead
"Out for 2, in for 2" - med ball down and up
Repeater Knee - med ball knee crush
Big Circle Knees - med ball circles to knees (knees wide)

Squat - med ball frontal raise
Lunge - Tricep/chest press
Figure 8s
Medicine Ball Chest Press

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