Saturday, August 6, 2011

TRX Workout - 10 Minutes - Beginner/Intermediate Level

Team - Here is a TRX Workout Routine.  The TRX is one of the hottest new fitness trends.  TRX bands are classified as Suspension Training.  These suspension bands use your bodyweight to help build and strengthen you muscles. It is also a great tool for stretching.  It's portable and adapts to almost any environment by the latch of a band.

Today, let's use this tool to get an awesome workout in a short amount of time!

10 Exercises (each exercise is one minute)
Each Exercise is followed by a 5-10 second break

1.  One Leg Lunge (30 seconds/leg)
2.  Bicep Curl
3.  One Leg Lunge with Bi Curl
4.  Chest Fly
5.  Squat
6.  Row
7.  Squat with Row
8.  Atomic Pushup (pushup with knees)
9.  Mountain Climbers
10. Plank with Abductors

Make sure the TRX is stable and enjoy the workout!

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