Monday, August 8, 2011

Kangoo Kind of Day - Kangoo Cincinnati

It was a Kangoo kind of day here in Cincinnati.  Humidity was down, but motivation was up! I headed down to a local park in the later afternoon and took my TRX Suspension Bands and my Kangoo Jumps.  My TRX workout was very similar to the TRX Workout from yesterday and the Kangoo run was short and sweet.

Still a little sore from my boot camp classes yesterday, I was able to finish the workout.  If you missed the TRX Workout from yesterday, make sure you check it out.

Going to start running around the city to recruit new Kangoos.  It would be nice to start a Kangoo running club every Sunday.  Do you Kangoo and live in the Cincinnati area (downtown) and want to join me for a Cincinnati Kangoo run? Click the "email me" tab at the top and let me know, would love to meet other Kangoo lovers.

Cincinnati Kangoo Club

Look for your indoor cycling/spinning playlist in the afternoon tomorrow.

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