Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Workout Music

Team - Today's post is usually a Spinning playlist, but I thought I would mix it up and share my "Workout Playlist" with all of you.  Whether you're trying to get a classroom of people motivated or you're trying to motivate yourself, having a good playlist will help your workouts.

We have iPods, Zunes, MP3 Players and some of us might still use Discmans, but why is it easier to workout with music?

Listening to music is more complex than most of us can hear.  The brain has to sort out beats, tones, timing, and different sounds to comprehend the music.

Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist, has been studying the effects of exercise and music for 2 decades and determined that there are four factors that contribute to the motivation of a song:

1. Rhythm response - beats per minute
2. Musicality - structure of a song
3. Cultural Impact - preference
4. Association - how we associate with the song

Karageogghis categorized rhythm response and musically as "internal" factors and cultural impact and association as "external" factors.

For example, my one hour "Workout" playlist has upbeat songs for 55 minutes.  The BPMs (rhythm response) are faster and the sound is intriguing to me.  These are internal factors. The last song on the playlist is by Gaving Degraw relates back to Association.  It brings back relaxing memories of my home away from home; Atlanta, GA.

Take a lot at my playlist and let me know what you think:

More than likely, all of my music may not be right for you.  Don't let that stop you! Pick the music that is right for you.  Find those fast songs that will make you run harder and jump higher.  And don't forget to include a slower long at the end so you can stretch and relax at the end of your workout.

What songs are on your workout mix right now?

Source:  Why music makes exercise easier

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